Storing Your Decor Safely

Published on 10/23/2023
Storing holiday items effectively can help you keep them organized, protected, and easily accessible for future use. Here are some general tips on where to store your holiday items:

1. **Plastic Bins**: Plastic storage bins with lids are excellent for keeping holiday decorations safe. Label the bins according to the holiday (e.g., Christmas, Halloween) to easily identify their contents.

2. **Attic**: If you have a well-insulated attic with stable temperature and humidity levels, it can be a suitable place to store holiday items. Be cautious of extreme heat or cold, which can damage items.

3. **Basement**: A dry basement can be a good storage option, as long as you protect items from potential flooding or moisture. Elevate bins off the floor to prevent damage.

4. **Garage**: If your garage is climate-controlled, you can use it for holiday storage. However, be aware of temperature extremes and potential pests. Store items off the ground on shelves or in plastic bins.

5. **Closets**: Consider using closets or spare rooms for smaller holiday items, especially if you have limited storage space.

6. **Under-Bed Storage**: Utilize under-bed storage containers for items like wrapping paper, ornaments, and small decorations. This can be a convenient and out-of-sight option.

7. **Vacuum-Sealed Bags**: For items like clothing or linens used for specific holidays, vacuum-sealed bags can help save space and protect the items from dust and moisture.

8. **Shelving Units**: Install shelves in your storage area to maximize vertical space. You can use them for various holiday items, including decorative pieces, lights, and candles.

9. **Specialized Storage**: Some holiday items have specialized storage solutions, like ornament storage boxes, wreath containers, and gift wrap organizers. Invest in these to protect delicate items.

10. **Climate-Controlled Storage Units**: If you have valuable or sensitive holiday items, you may want to consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. These units maintain stable temperature and humidity levels, which are ideal for preserving your items.

Remember to pack your holiday items with care, using appropriate packing materials, and label everything clearly. It's a good idea to take an inventory of what you're storing and label your storage containers accordingly. This will make it easier to find specific items when the holidays come around again.